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This section contains materials developed through SMALLEST at the SEAM Centre which are free for you to download and use.

For communities and home-owners

For Installers

For Professionals


The SEAM Centre

The SEAM Centre is a new training, information and research facility for Sustainable Energy And Micro-renewables based at Inverness College UHI. The Centre provides short course training for qualified plumbers and electricians to give them the skills required to install small-scale renewable energy systems (such as biomass, heat pumps, solar PV, solar hot water and wind turbines) as well as sustainable energy technology (such as under floor heating and rainwater harvesting). SEAM is also developing Continuing Professional Development (CPD) training for architects, planners and other relevant professions. This will be extended to the provision of education and information on many aspects of renewable energy and sustainable construction for the general public, apprentices and school groups.

The Centre aims to be an important knowledge hub for micro-renewables and sustainable energy technology within the Highlands and Islands and Scotland.

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Seminar Presentations

The SEAM Centre has joined with the Highland Birchwoods "Use Green Heat" project to develop a series of seminars on micro-renewable energy, which are held monthly at Inverness College. The slide presentations from these events are available to view here, or below.

To find more details about the courses that run at the SEAM Centre, the research activities that are taking place, the latest developments and events coming up, please go to



Microgeneration Certification Scheme with Colin Sinclair (BRE)

Funding options for microrenewables with Rob Snaith (EST)

Renewable Heat Incentive technologies - Part 1

Heat Pumps with James Toland (IHS)

Renewable Heat Incentive technologies - Part2

SolarThermal with Campbell MacLennan (AES Solar)


Microgeneration Certification Scheme with Linda McPhillie (CLE)

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Community Materials


Solar PV Calculator

The SEAM Centre has created a Solar PV Calculator which works as a helpful comparison tool and can be used to assist in understanding the economics of installing a Solar PV system.

Click on the image to download the Calculator.

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Renewable Technology Flow Chart


This flowchart is designed to assist homeowners understand which renewable energy options might be suitable for their specific circumstances. It should help people understand some of the advantages and disadvantages of different technologies and the questions they may need to ask themselves and potential installers.


Click on the image to download the Flow Chart.

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Micro-renewables Toolkit (Scotland)

Micro-renewables Toolkit (Ireland)

This toolkit gives an introduction to micro-renewables. There are two main sections: the first provides information on different micro-renewable energy technologies, supported by external links, and the second considers aspects such as community, economics, enterprise creation and funding mechanisms.

Click on the links to download the Toolkit.


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Solar PV On-site Guide

Please click the title above to download a copy of the Solar PV On-site Guide developed by the SEAM Centre within SMALLEST.



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