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  Development Centre of East Iceland

The Development Center of East Iceland is an organisation of local businesses, community governments, institutions and trade unions. Operating funds are provided by these supporters and the national government. Working on many fronts, the Development Center aims for success in cultivating business and society throughout the rural populace, guided by initiative, professional tactics and thorough cooperation with all those who have an interest in the economic and social development of Iceland.

Staff and office

In addition to five employees in permanent positions, temporary staff are hired for individual projects as the need arises. The office of the Development Center is located at Egilsstaðir.

Cooperation and links

The Development Center, along with seven other regional offices, is a part of a network involving the Development Department at Sauðárkrókur, which belongs to the state Institute of Regional Development. The Development Center maintains close contact with economic life in the East, since members of the Development Association include a great many companies there and in fact most of the region’s leading businesses in each field. Generally officers of the association and the groups it has partnerships with, such as the venture capital fund and Investment Company of the East, are key parties at leading firms in various trades.

Operations of the Development Center divide into three fields: policy formulation, population development and the advancement of employment. In matters of furthering employment, manifold projects support innovation and growth in business. Assignments in population development are connected with motivating East Icelandic society and competitiveness, while the policy branch is responsible for running the office, shaping new tasks and coordinating the overall work of development. &

Involvement in smallest

In Iceland, over 90% of households have access to cheap geothermal water but some rural areas, such as East Iceland, are known as ‘cold’ areas. Our goal with participation in SMALLEST is to introduce to these ‘cold’ areas to alternatives solutions which could work well in these areas.

  • SMALLEST is a great project because it creates a process for pooling knowledge regarding renewable energy and sharing it amongst communities in the Northern Periphery so that all can benefit from the very best available options for them.
  • SMALLEST is an exciting opportunity for communities because it will show them how to take advantage of renewable energy as a means of making their lives more financially and environmentally sustainable.
  • SMALLEST will make a difference to renewable energy generation because it will provide new and more effective means of encouraging their communities to achieve renewable energy targets.
  • SMALLEST is doing something interesting, innovative and important for the modern world.


Haflidi H. Haflidason

Managing Director

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