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  International Resources & Recycling Institute

Wherever you look today, you hear a story of despair.  The world is running out.  The world is running out of food, the world is running out of water, the world is running out of energy, and now the world is running out of money.

International Resources and Recycling Institute (IRRI) is a cause-based environmental charity actively seeking innovations that will help accelerate the theory and practice of resource use.  IRRI believes there are solutions to be found, that we will only find them by working together, in collaboration, not in confrontation, and that we will find them if we believe positively that they are there to be found, rather than allow the prophets of doom to convince us that we are all too late.

IRRI helps to link the public and private sectors to the academic sector on an international basis in partnerships that address new and unexplored routes towards more effective and equitable resource use.

Our work

IRRI is an institute which engages in European partnerships exploring new ideas and thinking in a variety of projects concerned with renewable energy, water management and recycling.  IRRI has now started to apply its knowledge in a series of activities which give practical life to its learning and expertise gained from its projects through the Applied Research Centre (ARC). 

ARC applies the knowledge gained in the Institute to practical initiatives in the community, building the bridge from theory into practice through: 

  • Learning
  • Demonstration
  • Innovation

For further information on the Applied Research Centre, click on the links above.

Our work in SMALLEST

IRRI developed the SMALLEST project in order to help fill gaps in training, community outreach and policy support in relation to community renewables across the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) region. IRRI hopes that SMALLEST will develop a successful service so that the project can continue to assist communities in a positive and practical manner after the life of the project has come to an end.

Staff working on the project

Nick Lyth, Managing Director
Ewan Ramsay, Operations Director
Karen Twatt, Project Manager
Amy Clarke, Project Assistant
Nick Lyth
Managing Director
+44 (0)131 202 1649

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