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  North Karelia University of Applied Sciences

North Karelia University of Applied Sciences (NKUAS) is an independent public utility owned by the City of Joensuu, Finland, and it offers education leading to a polytechnic degree for young and adult learners. NKUAS also takes actively part in regional development work and R&DI activities. Annually approximately 4,000 students take courses at NKUAS in its seven fields of education and 18 degree programmes. Internationality in different forms, e.g. exchange programmes and international projects, is present in the everyday activities of NKUAS and there are a broad variety of possibilities for internationalization both for students, teachers and other staff members.


SMALLEST is hosted by the Centre for Natural Resources, which is one of the five multi-field educational centres at NKUAS. The aim of the centre is to enhance sustainable development and business based on it, and international development projects like SMALLEST are crucial for reaching that goal. The centre offers education in three different degree programmes (DPs in Rural Industries, Forestry and Environmental Technology), and integration of education and R&DI activities is one of the key issues to both maximise the efficiency in regional development work and produce high-level graduate students for labour markets.


For NKUAS, SMALLEST has been an effective way to raise the awareness of renewable energy solutions among citizens and especially among decision-makers in the region. The ideas, methods and materials generated during the project time will be further developed and benefitted in the course of the coming years.

SMALLEST project team in NKUAS:

Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen (Project Manager)

Jarmo Renvall (Project Specialist)

Lasse Okkonen (Project Specialist)

Kabir Hossain Patwary (Project Worker)

Mari Paakkonen (Project Trainee)


Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen

Project Manager


Sirkkalantie 12 A

80100 Joensuu



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