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  Pure Energy Centre

The Pure Energy Centre is a recognised leading renewable energy and energy storage organisation. It is a one stop shop for all renewables (wind, solar, biogas, etc) and for hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. It hosts the world renown PURE hydrogen project, the first community owned renewable hydrogen project in the world. Our aim is to support communities by training, facilitating, developing, installing renewable and energy storage solutions for public, not for profit and private organisations.

The Pure Energy Centre is located in one of the most remote area of the United Kingdom with a very sparse population. As such the idea of getting involved in smallest appealed to the Pure Energy Centre as the project aimed to support sparse populations using renewables. The Pure Energy Centre was already involved in raising awareness of what renewable energy projects can do economically and socially for sparse communities. We felt that SMALLEST provided a unique platform for supporting, training, informing and transfer of knowledge to remote populations in the Northern Periphery (NP), communities that are in similar situation to Pure Energy Centre.

The ideas, training and support materials developed throughout SMALLEST will provide cost effective energy advice to sparsely populated communities and encourage communities not involved in renewables to develop income generating projects. The Pure Energy Centre hopes that SMALLEST will continue to support communities and develop further to become a hub for knowledge transfer on renewables.

Staff working on SMALLEST

Elizabeth Johnson

Ross Gazey

Dr. Daniel Aklil

Fern Johnson


Elizabeth Johnson
Business Development Manager
+44 (0) 1957 711 410


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